Photo Craft Imaging offers three levels of digital printing file prep depending on your desired level of OUR involvement. In each case the print price reflects the work we put in to make your print look great. All three levels include the same high level of Photographic (LightJet) or Inkjet printing. If working from film, scanning is a separate charge.

A – Exhibition Print Service: This the highest level of file preparation. One of our Master Printers works directly with you to coax the absolute most out of your film scan or digital camera file. Advanced file editing techniques are employed as necessary. A proof is generated for your approval and the final, layered .psd file as well as the print file can be saved and sent to you on CD. This service is like having you own personal print maker on staff.

B – Standard Print Service: Just want someone to check your file and make a tweak if necessary to get a little more? Not sure about how well your monitor is profiled? Maybe you want borders added? If you are fairly comfortable with what you will get and don’t want to go through proofing, need your work back faster or just want to save some money, then our Standard Print Service may well work for you.

C – Print Ready Service:  Also known as our  Level 2  service. You do all the work, give us a file that is ready to print and enjoy a discount.. We don’t even look at it. This service is also available for files we have printed before and you are supplying us with the print file we made or the print file is stored in a library here at Photo Craft. Please read the sheet   Submitting Files for LightJet Level 2 printing [PDF]  before sending files for Print Ready Service.

Additional Prints – Multiple prints from the same file ordered at the same time enjoy a substantial discount over the initial print price. If ordering 10 or more prints for the same file, call us for additional discounts not publish on our web site.

The above Service Levels are applicable to the following types of printing:

LightJet printing to Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper in Luster, Matte and Glossy finish [Pricing]

LightJet printing to FujiFlex [Pricing]

Fine-Art Inkjet printing to art papers and canvas [Pricing]

Metal, Aluminum and DieBond Printing [Pricing]

Scanning – all of our printing is from digital files and the pricing does not include the cost of scanning if from film.

Library Services – need to be able to reorder prints quickly. Talk to us about library services where we store your files on site. Place orders by email 24/7. We can even pack and ship orders directly to your clients.

lightjet print

lightjet print

Fine Art Giclee Print
Canvas Giclee Wrap

The Legendary LightJet

With an apparent resolution in excess of 4000 dpi and the widest color gamut of any photographic printer ever made, Lightjet prints are the sharpest, highest fidelity prints obtainable anywhere. All the benefits of digital imaging with the rich look and feel of traditional fine art photographs.

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Jen Freehill

Jen Freehill

Meet Jen

"Being a fine art photographer myself is key to being able to understand the needs of my clients."

"I grew up with film, optics and custom printing; I bring that tradition into the process of preparing digital files to create stunning photographic and ink-jet prints. I work closely with my clients taking them through the process of making a print that conveys who they are as photographer and artist."
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Fuji Flex Print

acrylic mount print
Custom Framing
drum scanning