Custom Framing and Print Finishing

Photo Craft provides a full line of framing services by master framer Paul Rosario. Come in and Paul will work with you to create the perfect frame for your art and setting, whether that is your home, office,  gallery or a museum.  Photo Craft also has the capacity to produce large runs of custom frames for hotels, hospitals or any commercial venue.

Can’t come in? Call us and give us your ideas. We’ll email you pictures of moldings that we think will go well with your art. Or, just leave it up to us. Paul has so many years in framing artwork that his eye for moldings and matting combinations is phenomenal.

Since all framing is custom, please call for consultation and pricing.

Acrylic Mounting

With acrylic mounting we bound a photographic paper, usually Fujiflex, to Plexiglas or OP3 acrylic using an optically clear adhesive so that the image is viewed through the acrylic. The work can be finished with outside framing, or any of several hanging methods to make the piece appear to be floating off the wall. Edges can be ordered polished or flamed. Pieces can be bonded with a plastic backing material, mounted flush to the edge or with a clear board.

We also have a variety of brushed stainless steel hardware for displaying your creation as well as French cleat and box frame hanging systems.

Canvas Wrap

We offer a standard wrap that is 5/8” thick and a Gallery Wrap using 1½” thick stretcher bars. Canvas wraps are ready to hang or can be finished with an outside frame. The 5/8” is typically ordered when you plan on framing. The edge of the wrap can be white, black, a mirror of the image or the image can be wrapped around the stretcher bar.  Use our online tool to create a canvas print: Canvas print tool

Laminated Plaque

Plaques are made on 3/8” MDF board and have a beveled edge that can be black or a variety of colors. Prints are bonded to the MDF and a hard diamond finish laminate is applied. Plaques are finished and ready to hang. Plaques can be ordered in a variety of styles such as a floater (blocks are applied so it looks as it the piece is floating off the wall), box frame with deep sides or a variety of stacked options. The most typical is 3/8” thick and hangs flush to the wall. Prices listed on the web site are for this style.

lightjet print

lightjet print

Fine Art Giclee Print
Canvas Giclee Wrap

The Legendary LightJet

With an apparent resolution in excess of 4000 dpi and the widest color gamut of any photographic printer ever made, Lightjet prints are the sharpest, highest fidelity prints obtainable anywhere. All the benefits of digital imaging with the rich look and feel of traditional fine art photographs.

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Jen Freehill

Jen Freehill

Meet Jen

"Being a fine art photographer myself is key to being able to understand the needs of my clients."

"I grew up with film, optics and custom printing; I bring that tradition into the process of preparing digital files to create stunning photographic and ink-jet prints. I work closely with my clients taking them through the process of making a print that conveys who they are as photographer and artist."
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Fuji Flex Print

acrylic mount print
Custom Framing
drum scanning