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Photo Craft Imaging has been serving discriminating photographers since 1974. Located in Boulder, Colorado, Photo Craft is all about taking your vision to the next level of excellence, translating what you capture into the finest print possible. Photo Craft offers high quality film scanning; image file work; custom photographic and inkjet printing; and conservation quality print finishing and framing. Photo Craft is one of the few print makers left in the world that images to true silver based photographic materials using the legendary LightJet by Cymbolic Sciences.

Photo Craft is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5:30 PM  MT    We are located at 55th St and Pearl Parkway



lightjet print

lightjet print

Fine Art Giclee Print
Canvas Giclee Wrap

The Legendary LightJet

With an apparent resolution in excess of 4000 dpi and the widest color gamut of any photographic printer ever made, Lightjet prints are the sharpest, highest fidelity prints obtainable anywhere. All the benefits of digital imaging with the rich look and feel of traditional fine art photographs.

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Jen Freehill

Jen Freehill

Meet Jen

"Being a fine art photographer myself is key to being able to understand the needs of my clients."

"I grew up with film, optics and custom printing; I bring that tradition into the process of preparing digital files to create stunning photographic and ink-jet prints. I work closely with my clients taking them through the process of making a print that conveys who they are as photographer and artist."
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Fuji Flex Print

acrylic mount print
Custom Framing
drum scanning